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April 04, 2008


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hasan luongo

there have been many rumors regarding ecommerce functionality on fb, and I recently noticed a buy/pay feature on the signup page for the fb'08 developer conference. eCom on fb could be very big, but it needs to be native like events and photos, if its just some paypal integration that would be lame. but an easy to use and highly secure payments system that can be used be merchants and app developers would be really cool. nice recap.


Well with the increase in number of users of Facebook there is also a wide range of applications available like the one Talking Photos This application is provided by a website This application allows you to add movie lines and voice to any Facebook photo and share it with friends.All this Make your pictures talk!

Bill Warner

I agree Jason. This is truly a phenomenon that changes the way that people relate to each other. Even my grand kids have facebook and myspace sites and are all communicating with cell phones and instant messages. It is more impactful than the invention of the telephone because its adoption is happening orders of magnitude faster.

The more senior community, like me, gets brought into this as well, because people we communicate with are on these social networking sites and reach out from there.

It's amazing and scary too. I am positive that money will be made if not from advertising and retail then from things we have not yet imaged.

Best regards...Bill Warner

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