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July 17, 2007


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Azam Khan

I don't think facebook's sale to microsoft would be a bad idea. Facebook will continue to grow and generate much revenue however one must stop and understand how trends in technology change. Since facebook is a platform on a platform (the web), it has dimensions which prevent it from being totally open (the brand of facebook). However if facebook does open its doors, and in ways it has and will, then the brand facebook will diminish to a great length. It's issues like this that we can only speculate on. Microsoft's plan of becoming an advertising giant would do nicely with facebook. It's funny because facebook is experimenting with its own "ad generation" concept, and this is pissing off Microsoft because they had their own plans for facebook. It'll be interesting to see how things turn out, but in the meanwhile businesses are reccomended to take advantage of facebook in a strategic manner.


Hi Jason,

Nice stats and interesting comments. However, your last comment seems a bit too strictly finance and not enough technology. The reason that Facebook is receiving high praise is that, as you point out, it is becoming a rich media platform that competes with search for the way people look at information. The company's clean look and technology drive is also attracting the top engineers of the market. If Facebook stands the chance of competing with Google and Yahoo in the public market, would it make sense to sell it early to a company like Microsoft which is desperate to catch up to web 2.0 and could potentially ruin its reputation?

This game is not strictly about multiples...

Jordan Glasner

I actually stumbled across this post through your group on Facebook, and I just have an account for testing purposes.

That's an amazing testament to their reach.

However, I still agree that they're ridiculously over valued at the moment due to the hype. Once everyone sees through the faux-openess that F8 has created and realizes they're only gaining users for Facebook, the tides will turn.

The successor will be an open social graph, that any business can incorporate into their site. Web 3.0 perhaps?

Cindy Campbell

I have a MySpace and it is confusing. I don't use it much, just my blog. I enjoyed your article and you have me convinced that Facebook is the way to go. My children have mentioned Facebook but I've just never taken the time to research it.

Ed Holloway

Jason - good stats, I had not seen these before. I was especially shocked by the 3hrs/day. Wow!

As fodder for a future post, I'd love to get your take (as a VC) on the evolving ecosystem here.


Jason Caplain

Hi Nancy,

Nice watercolors on your site! Anyway, Facebook has a very easy sign up process. Go to and click the green register button. Good luck!


Nancy Standlee

Well, you certainly wrote a convincing article. Where do I sign up? Thanks for the info. ns

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