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May 07, 2007


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Jason Caplain

Hi Dennis,

My understanding is that this event is for Georgia-based companies only. But it never hurts to submit your info & see how they respond.

I think the best idea would be to get them to run this exact program down in Florida.



Can Florida entrepreneurs come to? ;)

Scott Burkett

Jason - thanks for the mention!

A small clarification - the event isn't invitation-only, but anyone who wants to attend will be vetted to ensure that they are either a fast-growth entrepreneur or an investor (VC or angel).

But yes, it is free. Anyone that charges for access to capital or connections is a part of the problem in stagnant venture markets, as I not so eloquently ranted about in the "Under the Bus" segment of our latest podcast (#11, featuring Pandora).

Obviously, we want to keep the focus in the room on ideas and capital, so we are going to some pretty extreme lengths to avoid service-provider and jobseeker overload. Nothing wrong with either of those groups of people, but unless a little company gets a chance to become a bigger company, they won't have a need for service providers and job candidates :)

All entrepreneurs must be building their business here in Georgia, but investors are welcome from all over. In addition to Southern Capitol Ventures, we have 5 or 6 other VCs flying in to take a look at the innovations that are happening here in Georgia.

The attending companies range from napkin phase to $1-2M in revenues. Investors include both angels and VCs.

The format is simple: No speakers - just networking. Ideas and capital in the same room; only good things can come of that.

See you there!


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