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November 29, 2004


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Josh Kerbel

One of the best ways to get an intro to a VC is to call up their portfolio companies and due some due diligence on the VC. Find out directly from other companies what it is like to work with a particular group.

Chances are whomever you speak with will let you use their name in talking with the VC, at least as in "I spoke with the CEO, JIM SMITH at X Corp and he said I should get in touch with you"

Did I just spill the beans?


Another tip: Least you can do is follow the VC's blog if he/she/they have one.

Dan Cornish

Many of the VC's I have met only really will look at plans that have been refered. The main reason is that out of 100 business plans, they will say yes to only one, so they have to say no to 99 plans. Thnks of a movie studio and it is the same sort of thing. The chances of finding a hit are crazy. If you are going to raise VC money, then you should put the same effort in getting to know them that you do in getting your largest customer. Remember, a VC becomes your partner, and in many cases they are a partner that can fire you.

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